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Website Listed Prices

Listed prices are the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for an ebike that is unassembled in a box.  There is an additional charge of $100 per ebike for professional assembly, ebike fitment service, and in-house warranty.  This includes professionally assembling your ebike, installing standard components, adjusting hydraulic disk brakes and rotors, derailleur adjustment, testing the electronics (battery, cables, connectors, lights, controller, and display), updating firmware if needed, lubrication of drivetrain, checking spoke tensions, inflating ties to the correct tire pressure, performing a complete safety check and test ride, and recycling all boxes and shipping material.  Our fitment service includes component and suspension adjustments to make sure that your ebike is safe and comfortable for your size, weight, and riding style.  And, unlike buying an ebike online, if something ever goes wrong with your ebike purchased from E Bike Cyclery, we will be here to personally help you out.